Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Will You Survive?

Will You Survive?

Another round of Level Up is just around the corner. The quarterly event opens it's doors on Thursday September 18th. This rounds theme is Survival / Horror. Do you have what it takes to survive?

Land Mark to event will be published later

The Look:

Skin: Tableau Vivant Echo ( Mortui) / M4ri1yn Magic
Eyes: By Snow Revenant Eyes / Snow Frostwych
Eye Makeup: Corvus Demon Eye Shadow / Lori Stanton
Vein Makeup: Wicked Peach Infected / Autumn Amaranth @ Level Up NEW
Mouth Makeup: Laudanum Lollipops Messy Mouth (Bloody) / Felice Nightfire
Scar Makeup: Little Pricks Road Rash / Syn Beresford
Hands: Clemmm Bloody Hands ( For Slink Hands) / Clem Velinov
Outfit: Kauna Business Zombie / Ross Myhre

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Raven

The Raven

The Look:

Skin: Tableau Vivant Echo ( Mortui) / M4ri1yn Magic
Hair: Damselfly Xander / Tommy Fairplay NEW
Eyes: Ikon Hope Eyes ( Ghost) / Ikon Innovia NEW
Eye Makeup: Wicked Peach Extraterrestrial / Autumn Amaranth @ The Liaison Collaborative NEW
Necklace: PFC Trapped Soul / Pucca Firecaster @ The Secret Affair NEW
Pauldrons: PFC Raven Pauldron / Pucca Firecaster @ The Secret Affair NEW

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Love The Way You Lie

Love The Way You Lie

Just when you think everything is alright in life. Especially in a relationship. You feel as if you were lied to or even worse cheated on. It is not a feeling that anyone wants to go through in life. Especially if you are being accused of doing something that you didn't do at all. It really hurts when the accuse wants to believe in some far fetched story that is nothing but complete made up bullshit and lies. I know who I am as a person. I can sit here and honestly say that I am a faithful human being. I have never cheated in my real life nor in my Second Life. It has never once crossed my mind to cheat on someone.

The Look:

Crazychef is wearing:

Skin: Tableau Vivant Echo ( Natural) / M4ri1yn Magic
Hair: Mina Timo Hair / Mina Nakamura
Suit: Epia Marine Dress Formal ( Black/Blue) / Verone Potez
Shoes: Kauna Oxfords ( Black) / Ross Myhre NEW

Accessory: Mingle Boquet
Pose: HISpose Emo Leans (2) / Sixx Yangtz

Female is Wearing:

Skin: Glam Affair Skye II ( America 1) / Aida Ewing @ The Arcade NEW
Hair: Damselfly Sweeny / Shylah Honey @ Thriftshop NEW
Corset: Blacklace Veronica ( Black & Red) / Mariska Simons
Pubic Hair: Tokyo Girl Pubic Hair ( Strip) / Circe Ishtari

Female Pose: Sexy Time ( Custom Made) / Qween Rayna
Male Pose: Bounce This Poses Gamer Couple / Bouncer Criss

Computer Chair: Fetch Vega Computer Chair / DistortedDreams @ TLC NEW
Computer Desk: Fetch Vega Desk / DistortedDreams @ TLC NEW
Computer: Fetch Vega Computer / DistortedDreams @ TLC NEW
Box Of Adult Toys: Pilot Adult Toy Box / Kaz Nayar
Wall Art: Soy Wall Décor [increment of hunch] ( White) / Soysoy @ TMD ( Sept Round) NEW
Bed: Pixel Mode Manchester Bed / Tya Fallenbridge @ TLC NEW
House: Meshworx Classic Skyloft ( Charcoal) / Ragedesign @ The Arcade NEW RARE

Friday, September 12, 2014


Well it's almost that time of year again where mother nature does its thing and the leaves start changing to their beautiful colors on the trees. It seems as if as of recently mother nature wants to play I can't make up my mind where I live in real life. Just last week it was 95 outside. Today its a lovely 56 with misty rain.

Anways showing you the new fall line from Dynasty. Make sure you head over to 24 squared and check it out. The event ends tomorrow however Dynasty will have the items in his store soon to follow.

The Look:

Skin: Tableau Vivant Echo ( Natural) / M4ri1yn Magic
Hair: Damselfly Dawson / Tommy Fairplay
Scarf: Dynasty Stockholm Scarf ( Navy) / Kiddreamz @ 24 squared NEW
Jacket: Dynasty Bergen Sweater ( Neutral) / Kiddreamz @ 24 squared NEW
Pants: Monso My Preppy Pants (Beige) / Morphine Janick @ The Mens Dept ( Sept Round)
Shoes: David Heather Ricardo Oxfords ( Mahogany) / Gianni Broda @ The Mens Dept ( Sept Round)

Pose: oOo Studio Xavier ( Three) Version 2 / Olaenka Chesnokov @ The Mens Dept ( Sept Round)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We Will Never Forget

Today marks the 13th Anniversary of 9/11. I can remember exactly where I was at the time this happened. I am sure a lot of people can remember as well. We will never forget. United We Stand.

In memory of those lost on 9/11

The Look:

Skin: Tableau Vivant Echo ( Natural) / M4ri1yn Magic
Hair: Damselfly Dawson / Tommy Fairplay
Outfit: Troublemakers Inc Men's Bunker Gear ( Tan) / Andy2 Spore

Pose: 9/11 Tribute custom made by Qween Rayna

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Extracurricular Activities

Just showing off some amazing new items all arcross the grid from The Arcade Gacha Event, The Mens Dept and Fameshed.

Crazychef is wearing:

Skin: Tableau Vivant Echo ( Natural) / M4ri1yn Magic
Hair: Ink Bovver ( Coal) / Nontroppo Torii @ The Mens Dept ( Sept Round)
Shirt: Monso My Preppy Look Sweater ( Grey) / Morphine Janick @ The Mens Dept ( Sept Round)
Pants: Monso My Preppy Look Pants (Wine) / Mophine Janick @ The Mens Dept ( Sept Round)
Shoes: Sleepy Eddy Moccasin Shoes ( Black) / Metro Moonwall @ The Arcade RARE

Female is Wearing:

Skin: Glam Affair Skye II (America) / Aida Ewing @ The Arcade
Hair: Exile Dancing On My Own ( Light Blondes) / Kavar Cleanslate @ The Arcade
Shirt: Monso My Preppy Sweater ( Grey) / Morphine Janick @ Fameshed
Skirt: Monso My Preppy Skirt ( Grey Check) / Morphine Janick @ Fameshed
Shoes: The Forge Strap Attack / Deccan Arida @ The Arcade RARE

Pose: Risqué Poses Teacher / Gwendalynn Beck

The Scenery:

Desk: Sari-Sari Old School Armchair / Stupidmonkey @ The Arcade RARE
Chair: Sari-Sari Old School Chair / Stupidmonkey @ The Arcade
Notebook: Sari-Sari Old School Notebook / Stupidmonkey @ The Arcade
Books 1: Milk Motion School Books / Marie Lauridsen @ The Arcade
Books 2: Sari-Sari Old School Library Books / Stupidmonkey @ The Arcade
Writing Sheet: Milk Motion School Cursive Board / Marie Lauridsen @ The Arcade
Map: Milk Motion School World Map / Marie Lauridsen @ The Arcade
Chalkboard: Sari-Sari Old School Chalkboard / Stupidmonkey @ The Arcade
Shelf: Sari-Sari Old School Shelf Unit / Stupidmonkey @ The Arcade RARE

Monday, September 8, 2014

Inspector Perv

You must be careful when traveling through Second Life at night. You just have no clue who is lurking during the moonlight hours. Ladies make sure you stay far away from Inspector Perv or you just might be in for a surprise of a lifetime. He's known to flash.

The Look:

Skin: Tableau Vivant Echo / M4ri1yn Magic
Hat: Pilot Wowzer Hat ( Grey) / Kaz Nayar @ C88 NEW
Hair: Ink Bovver ( Coal) @ The Mens Dept ( September Round) NEW
Jacket: Hoorenbeek Trenchcoat ( Grey) / LimeDesigner Flux
Socks: Boy Socks White

Pose: Magnifique Poses Book Smart (Pose 1) / Scarlet Chandrayaan

Prop: Duchie Reading Erotica ( Male) / Froukje Hoorenbeek