Sunday, August 31, 2014

Love Me, Love Me Not

Love Me, Love Me Not

Love Me, Love Me Not...Let's face it I am not perfect. However there are very few people in this world that mean something to me. I sit here and ponder at my fuck ups to why I am where I am now. This can also be said about real life as well for me. I have been through a lot. What I do know is this, I will always be there for that special someone no matter what.

The Look:

Skin: Tableau Vivant Echo ( Natural) / M4ri1yn Magic
Hair: Damselfly Dawson / Tommy Fairplay NEW
Undershirt: Kauna XIV Shirt ( Coffee) / Ross Myhre NEW
Vest: Kauna XIV Tanktop ( Patterned Brown) / Ross Myhre NEW
Pants: Kauna XIV Trousers ( Tweed Overcheck Brown) / Ross Myhre NEW

Pose: HISpose Love Me Not / Sixx Yangtz

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Farmhouse Wedding Awaits....

A Farmhouse Wedding Awaits....

It's that time of year again everyone. The Arcade Gacha Event is set to open it's doors starting September 1st. I am showing you the set from Stockholm & Lima. This is the first arcade event for this amazing store. There set they are offering at this upcoming round of the arcade will definitely be turning a few heads. Make sure you head over to The Arcade Gacha Event starting September 1st and pick up this amazing gacha set.

A Farmhouse Wedding Awaits... ( Part 2)

First Picture:

Scarecrow: Image Essentials The Scarecrow / Kay Weston @ The Wild Wild West Fair
Tractor: Vacano Tractor Bulldog Blau / Larissa Vacano
Barn: Stockholm & Lima Rustic Holiday Barn / Surrealia Anatine @ The Arcade Gacha RARE
Hay Bales: Dyer Maker In Straw Prop / Webmistrex Xue @ The Wild Wild West Fair

Second Picture:

Table: Stockholm&Lima: Party Table / Surrealia Anatine @ The Arcade Gacha RARE
Chairs: Stockholm&Lima: Party Chair / Surrealia Anatine @ The Arcade Gacha RARE
Flowers on Table: [Con.] Athena Dining Set - Calla Lily / Wavie Haller @ C88
Placemat Setting: MudHoney Ryan Place Setting / Ravyn Hynes
Lights: Stockholm&Lima: Paper Party Lamps  / Surrealia Anatine @ The Arcade Gacha RARE
Streamers: Stockholm&Lima: StreamerCandle (Ivory)  / Surrealia Anatine @ The Arcade Gacha

Sunday, August 24, 2014


The Fantasy Collective has been open for a few days now. This rounds theme is all things New Orleans. Just showing you some of the goodies that you can pick up at this amazing event.

On Crazychef:

Skin: Tableau Vivant Marilyn Skin ( Tone 11) / M4ri1yn Magic
Hat: Sweet Lies Voodoo Priest Hat / Hadarah Steamer @ The Fantasy Collective NEW RARE
Hair: Tableau Vivant Baron Hair / M4ri1yn Magic @ The Fantasy Collective  NEW
Mask: Boom Bonnwi Mask ( Aged) / Aranel Ah @ The Fantasy Collective  NEW
Necklace: Boom Bonnwi Collier ( Aged) / Aranel Ah @ The Fantasy Collective  NEW
Suit: FATEwear Suit Edward ( Void) / Damian Fate

On Female:

Skin: Glam Affair Artemis ( Asia 03) / Aida Ewing
Hat: Tableau Vivant Maman Brigitte Hat / M4ri1yn Magic @ The Fantasy Collective  NEW
Hair: Tableau Vivant Barony Hair / M4ri1yn Magic @ The Fantasy Collective  NEW
Makeup: Nuuna Lost Souls / Nuuna Nitely
Dress: Boudoir Cursed Bride / Precious Restless

Pose: An Lar Poses Louisana Bayou / Katya Valeska @ The Fantasy Collective NEW ( Modified)

Other Things In Picture from the event:

Paper Moon Erzulie Freda Veve / Sohma Dix @ The Fantasy Collective NEW

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Get Your Kicks On Route 66

Get Your Kicks On Route 66

The Liasion Collabrative officially opened on Friday. This round's theme is Route 66. There is everything you need from poses, clothing, hair, and landscape items themed around the United States most iconic highway. I have to say I have never been happier with the theme of an event. I guess this is due to the fact that I have been on half of Route 66 in real life. Or it could be the fact that I am lucky enough to drive this stretch of highway to and from work on a daily basis.

Go get your kicks on Route 66 over at The Liaison Collabrative

The Look:

Skin: Tableau Vivant Echo ( Natural) / M4ri1yn Magic
Hair: Mina Hair Tristan ( Black) / Mina Nakamura @ TLC NEW
Necklace: EarthStones Slippery When Wet / Abraxxa Anatine @ TLC NEW
Jacket: United Colors Elin Jacket ( Black) / Unitedcolorsteam @ TLC NEW
Trousers: United Colors Lee Ling Trousers ( Black) / Unitedcolorsteam @ TLC NEW
Shoes: United Colors Talco Sneakers ( Black) / Unitedcolorsteam @ TLC NEW

Pose: Vibe Walk The Line Pose 6 / Journey Lorakeet @ TLC NEW

The Scene ( From Left to Right)

Bus Sign: MudHoney Route 66 Bus Stop Sign / Rayvn Hynes @ TLC NEW
Route 66 Road Sign: Plethora Signpost ( St. Louis) / PlethoraSL @ TLC NEW
Motel: Bartlett & Neilsen Route 66 Motel Skybox / Blaze Neilsen
Water Tower: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Water Tower Hangout / Paco Pooley @ TLC NEW
Car: [AIKIOTO] 57' Chevy Bel Air / Aiko Toki
Route 66 sign: Apple Fall Route 66 Sign / Apple Fall @ TLC NEW
Diner: Frogstar Diner 66 / Ravenna Rossini @ TLCNEW
Gas Station: Old Gas Station / Nikita Ellsmere
Gas Stand: Oyasumi Gas Stand Set  / Kenzo Gateaux @ TLC NEW
Gas Price Sign: Floorplan Gas Pricing Sign / Tegan Serin @ TLC NEW
Tire Rack: Soy Tires with Stand / Soysoy @ TLC NEW
Backseat: Soy Old van backseat (Gray leather) / Soysoy @ TLC NEW
Route 66 Wall Sign: Pixel Mode Route 66 Wall Light  blue white / Tya Fallingbridge @ TLC NEW
Gas Tank: Plethora Gas Tank / PlethoraSL @ TLC NEW RARE

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Come At Me

Come At Me

Just showing you some items from the Tales of Fantasy Event and also The Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

The Look:

Skin: Tableau Vivant Echo ( Natural) / M4ri1yn Magic
Hair: Damselfly Khal ( Brown) / Tommy Fairplay @ FGC
Makeup: Wicked Peach The Celt ( Black) Full / Autumn Amaranth @ Tales of Fantasy
Eyes: Song Owl Eyes ( Tropical) / Funeral Plutonian
Nose Ring: Arise Warrior Septum ( Black) / Lonlysoule @ Tales of Fantasy
Necklace 1: EMO-tions:. * TORUNN * necklace l / Mirja Mills @ FGC
Necklace 2: Fetch Birna Necklace / Distorteddreams @ Tales of Fantasy
Shawl: Peqe - Twisted Stole ( Brown) / Inex Hax @ Tales of Fantasy
Arm Wraps: Dark Prophet Designs Upper Arm Wraps ( Brown) / Dais Abonwood @ FGC
Bracers: glYph Fenris Bracers  (brown) / Adria Springflower
Belt: EMO-tions * TORUNN * belt l / Mirja Mills @ FGC
Kilt: Enigma Battle Kilt (Brown) / Damon Pinelli @ Tales of Fantasy
Staff: Sad Harlequin In Chaos Battle Standart (Brown Rust) / Xanxan Jervil @ Tales of Fantasy
Shield: Jakule Imports Ancient Celt Shield / Jakule Arun

Pose: F'ing Ninjas Set and Match Pose / Doll Galthie

Castle: BananaN Ruined Viking Tower / Banana Mellow @ FGC RARE

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Salt Life

Salt Life

Unfortunately for me my real life, I live no where close to an ocean. However, I have mother natures next best thing a sand bar along a river. Not to mention lakes, ponds, and creeks scattered about.

Today I am showing you this amazing set created by Soy. The dock and the glass fishing globes can be picked up at Kustom9 starting Friday August 15th.

Also showing you the newest release from FATEwear. The outfit comes in a variety of colors.

The Look:

Skin: Tableau Vivant Echo ( Natural) / M4ri1yn Magic
Hair: Tableau Vivant Andrew Hair ( Winter) / M4ri1yn Magic @ Fameshed NEW
Shirt: FATEwear Frank / Damien Fate NEW
Shorts: FATEwear Grayon / Damien Fate NEW
Shoes: Gizza Loafers (RedBlue) / Giz Seorn

Pose: An Lar Poses Like A Lord pose 1 / Katya Valeska

The Scene:

Crate: Crate with fishing floats / Soysoy @ Kustom9 ( Starts August 15th)
Fishing Floats: Soy Fishing Floats ( Blue, Green, Clear) / Soysoy @ Kustom9 ( Starts August 15th)
Fishing Hut: Soy Old Hut ( For Water) / Soysoy @ Kustom9 ( Starts August 15th)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How Casual Are You

The Mens Dept is in full swing. Just showing off a few different looks that you can pick up over at this month's round of The Mens Dept

How Casual Are You

*All Items in this post can be found at the August Round of The Mens Dept*

Look 1:

Hair: Dura-Boy 51 ( Black) / Chiaki Xue
Skin: Aeros Javier Skin ( Paraline) / Pi Rain
Shape: Aeros Javier Shape / Pi Rain
Eyes: Aeros Spinel Eyes ( Grey) / Pi Rain
Necklace: Gabriel Anchor Necklace (Silver) / Garrete Moonkill
Jacket: Aitui Casual Blazer ( Black) / Jesseaitui Petion
Pants: Bueno Lexi  Denim Jeans ( Black) / Buenosl
Shoes: Just Design Milano ( Black) / Davidefre

Look 2:

Hair: Moon Hair One / Silent Acoustic
Skin: Tableau Vivant Echo ( Natural) / M4ri1yn Magic
Eyes: ID Eternity Eyes ( Blue) / Audrey Lamede
Necklace: Gabriel Anchor Necklace ( Black) / Garrete Moonkill
Jacket: Scars Long Jacket ( Black) / Sin Knoller
Pants: Redgrave Leather Jeans ( Batik) / Emilia Redgrave
Shoes: Redgrave Blake Loafers / Emilia Redgrave

Look 3:

Hair: Moon Hair Painter / Silent Acoustic
Skin: Mudskin Edward ( Human) / Sopha Portal
Eyes: ID Eternity Eyes ( Gray) / Audrey Lamede
Shirt: Etham Albert Shirt ( Black) / Stephenweiss
Pants: Spirit Store Romana Boyfriend Pants (Black) / Spirit Osmis
Shoes: Eudora El Dorado Hi Tops / Eudora3D

Poses: !Bang Poses Homme / Luna Jubilee